Sunday, March 23, 2008

a few pieces included

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Participating Artists

1. "E" Anbassade D'Utopia Guivry France
2. Michael Moreth Bensenville, IL USA
3. Clemente Padin Montevieo, Urugway
4. Judith A. Skolnick Washington, DC USA
5. Matthew Stolte Madison, WI USA
6. Roxanne Clark Louisville, KY USA
7. Suzlee Ibrahim Bandar Baru Bangi Malaysia
8. Kate Weber Centreville, VA USA
9. Nicole Grinstead Montreal, Quebec Canada
10. De Emerenciano 4202-801 Porto Portugal
11. Michael Basinski Lancaster, NY USA
12. Paul Kalinowski N. Tonawanda, NY USA
13. Anne Braunschweig Corrales, NM USA
14. Fabio Sassi Bologna Italy
15. C.Ross Hugh Cinninnati, OH USA
16. Ron Omlin Eugene, OR USA
17. Samuel Montalvetti Bueno Aires Argentina
18. Tamara Wyndham NY, NY USA
19. Michel Della Vedova Limoges France
20. Lex Loeb Portland, OR USA
21. Giovanni Bonanno Salerno Italy
22. John M. Bennett Columbus, Ohio USA
23. Michael Kudela Niagara Falls, NY USA
24. Eva Havlicek Brooklyn, NY USA
25. M. Schrock Franklin, IN USA
26. Sherwood Linders Maryland Heights, MO USA
27. Dave Bloomfield Seattle, WA USA
28. Joe Verrastro Buffalo, NY USA
29. Josh Ronson Austin, TX USA
30. Senol Sak olu-Turk, Turkey
31. Scott Bye Buffalo, NY USA
32. Gustao De Magalhaes, Embu-Guacu-SP Brazil
33. Amy Luraschi Buffalo, NY USA
34. Mark Melnicove Dresden, ME, USA
35. Sandy Stephenson Riqaud QC, Canada
36. John Gordon Buffalo, NY USA
37. Sheila Bush Buffalo, NY USA
38. Mary Hunt Buffalo, NY USA
39. Eric Johnson Buffalo, NY USA
40. John Montedoro Buffalo, NY USA
41. Shirley French Derby, NY USA
42. Tom Taylor Ocean Park, WA USA
43. Peter Franczyk Buffalo, NY, USA
44. Jane Harrison Buffalo, NY, USA
45. K. Engel Rochester, NY USA
46. Lourdes M ondejar Girgna, Spain
47. Annijames Rivero Maracay Venezuela
48. Luis Valera Maracay Venezuela
49. Brian Bailey Buffalo, NY USA
50. Lila Mandzyk Buffalo, NY USA
51. C. Fritton Buffalo, NY USA
52. King Shane Jackson, GA USA
53. Rachel Freeman Lawrence KS USA
54. S. R. MacFarland Rochester, NY USA
55. Wacky Stuff HTTP://
56. Cherie Bright The Woodlands, TX USA
57. Ben Dunkle Snyder, NY USA
58. Jeff Lane Lockport, NY USA
59. David Coleman Buffalo, NY USA
60. Jon Johnson Iowa City, IA USA
61. Cyril Reade Rochester, USA
62. Manoel Bonabal Barreiro Galiza, Spain
63. Paul Kalinowski N. Tonawanda, NY USA
64. Silvano Pertone Genova Italy
65. The Dak of Droll Troy. NY USA
66. Horseman Ceres, CA USA
67. Janet Harrison Buffalo, NY USA
68. Coorain Devin Newcastle, ME USA
69. Thomas Mayer Plantsville, CT USA
70. Roland Halbritter Nudlingen, Germany
71. Lukia Costello Buffalo, NY USA
72. Richard Kegler Buffalo, NY USA
73. Maria Malinowski Buffalo, NY USA
74. Gerald Mead Buffalo, NY USA
75. Bananaco North Rochester, NY USA
76. David Andree Buffalo, NY USA
78. Alfonso Volo Eden, NY USA
79. Nor Farahan Zainudin Shah Alam Malaysia
80. Ainal Marliza Shah Alam, Malaysia
81. Halim Hasan Shah Alam, Malaysia
82. Alina Abdullah Shah Alam, Malaysia
83. Nur Azilina Zulkafli Shah Alam Malaysia
84. Said Abu Shah Alam Malaysia
85. Joe Ziolkowski Rochester, NY USA
86. David Koepp Chicago, IL USA
87. David Koepp Chicago, IL USA
88. Paul Kalinowski N. Tonawanda, NY USA
89. Lloyd Rung Buffalo, NY USA
90. Katie M. Myers Rochester, NY USA
91. Michele Fagyas Kenmore, NY USA
92. Ricky Hogan Buffalo, NY USA
93. Cathy Shuman Miller Williamsville, NY USA
95. Brian Kavanaugh Buffalo, NY USA
96. D. Gardner Williamsburg, MA USA
97. Joel Leiwitzky Buffalo, NY USA,
98. Don Clutterbuck Buffalo, NY USA
99. Sergio Eduardo Garcia Rangel Mexico City Mexico
100. Greg Kuppinger Buffalo, NY USA
101. Antonio Miro Apartat, 148 Spain
102. Antonit Orihuela Merida 06800 (E), Spain
103. Battistella Elisa Donatomse Italy
104. Thomai Kontou Elassou, Greece
105. Scott Randall Sacramento, CA USA
106. Jaromir Svozilik Oslo Norway
107. K.A. Buchholz St.Louis, MO USA
108. Anitra Lahey Amherst, NY USA
109. Nelson Wei Tan Tonawanda, NY USA
110. Carl Vitale Buffalo, NY USA,
111. Nocturnal Mercury Studio MN USA
112. Jessica Bozek Cambridge, MA USA
114. C. Frittom Buffalo, NY USA,
115. Paul Kalinowski N, Tonawanda, NY USA
116. Melissa Johnson Manlius, NY USA
117. Pedrpo Bericat 50080 Zarar Goza, Spain
118. M.A. Gingras Burnaby B.C.
119. Joe Messiah PDX, OR NY USA
120. Carlo Volpicella Citta'Sant'Angelo-PE, Italy
121. Ettore Tomas Sasso Marconi (BO), Italy
122. Maurizio Follin Favaro Italy
123. R.D Schroeck Buffalo, NY USA
124. Antonio Cares Santiago, Chile
125. Antonio Cares Correo 22 Chile
126. M. Miller Kenmore, NY USA
127. Tamsien West Highton Victoria Australia
128. Gorn Zivadinovic Stuttgart, Germany
129. Curtis Erlinger Buffalo, NY USA
130. Cosgrove Amherst, NY NY USA
131. Maggie Parks Buffalo, NY USA
132. Albert Sterbak Amherst, NY USA
133. Marcotte Buffalo, NY USA
134. Marcotte Buffalo, NY USA
135 Marcotte Buffalo, NY USA
136. Marcotte Buffalo, NY USA
137. Maryann Riker Phillipsburg, NJ USA
138. Bruce Adams Buffalo, NY USA
139. Catherine Bennett Colombus, OH USA
141. Julie Lewitzky Buffalo, NY USA
142. Shelia E. Murphy Phoenix, AZ USA
143. Catherine Carpenter Fredonia, NY USA
144. Brian Dolan Fredonia, NY USA
145. Garcia Nash Fredonia, NY USA
146. Amanda Fredonia, NY USA
147. “golden bird” Fredonia, NY USA
148. Ayla Dziduch Fredonia, NY USA
149. Vanessa Gillete Fredonia, NY USA
150. Megan Woloszyn Fredonia, NY USA
151. Lavelle Eden, NY USA
152. Amra Cuhel Fredonia, NY USA
153. Ivan Golando Fredonia, NY USA
154. Sarah Olow Fredonia, NY USA
155. Erik Dainielson Fredonia, NY USA
156. Jennifer Grisanti Fredonia, NY USA
157. Kristine Karlson Fredonia, NY USA
158. Lynette Seliger Buffalo, NY USA,
159. Kevin Kegler Buffalo, NY USA,
160. Tim Leary Buffalo, NY USA
161. Richard Canard Illusion .IL USA
162. Vanessa Buffalo, NY USA
163. Nasir Buffalo, NY USA
164. Giannahaa Buffalo, NY USA
165. Angelo Buffalo, NY USA
166. Xzavier Buffalo, NY USA
167. Summer Buffalo, NY USA
168. Seth Buffalo, NY USA
169. Iris Buffalo, NY USA
170. Adrien Buffalo, NY USA
171. Leah Buffalo, NY USA
172. Unsigned Buffalo, NY USA
173. Eden Buffalo, NY USA
174. Tallulah Buffalo, NY USA
175. Valerie Buffalo, NY USA
176. Sheila Buffalo, NY USA
177. Bil Buffalo, NY USA
178. Ben Buffalo, NY USA
179. Angel Arvello Morgan City, LA USA
180. Luc Fierens Weerde, Belgie Belgium
181. Clemente Padin Monrevideo Uruguay
182. Annie Wittels Pie Vrds Est, CA USA
183. Angel Pastor Krakow Poland
184. Pal Csaba Budapest Hungary
185. Bud Fike Charleston, WV USA
186. Phil Hendrickson Buffalo, NY USA
187. Stacey Cyman Grand Island, NY USA
188. Bo Jaing Sanborn, NY USA
189. Ben Bristol Sanborn, NY USA
190. Megan Roffle Sanborn, NY USA
191. Laura Backe Sanborn, NY USA
192. Michelle Hess Sanborn, NY USA
193. Hannah Laing Sanborn, NY USA
194. Biljana Petreska Sanborn, NY USA
195. Aaron Krehbiel Buffalo, NY USA
197. Tajjan Buffalo, NY USA
198. Rigina Toomey Williamsville, NY USA
199. M. diMoscato Fredonia, NY USA
200. Kathleen Sherin Buffalo, NY USA
201. Phil Nerestan Brooklyn, NY USA
202. Edrema Porter N. Tonawanda, NY USA
203. Steve Dalachinsky New York, New York USA
204. N. Marin Sanborn, New York USA
205. Aaron Lowinger Buffalo, New York USA
206. Kayla Lis Fredonia, NY USA
207. Annie California, New York USA

Monday, March 17, 2008

Opening Tuesday March 18th

Opening Reception
Tuesday, March 18, 2008 5:30 - 8pm
at NCCC Art Gallery

directions can be found here

Monday, March 3, 2008

the call is still open

please keep sending your magical little creations


Keep it coming...we have received over 200 submissions so far. Because we are still accepting work and have to meet deadlines for the printer for the catalog and invite -We will not be able to include all artists names on the catalog but will post them all on the blog.

Catalog Essay

Mail art: a veritable mailbag of signs. To some within the community it is a McLuhanesque statement of medium as message, with the art object itself being secondary to the method of distribution. For others it is pure artistry, untainted by commercial considerations and far from the presence of the gallery and curator. When mail art is featured in galleries, it is shown collectively to reflect the openness inherent in mail art: paper and stamps are cheap, and letters are expert travelers. Also not to be overlooked, the power of the human exchange specific to mail art (sender receives) that brings humans together.

Letters have distinct way of marking time and place. Perhaps it is the postmark, a locative mark on the piece which the artist has no control over. It could also be the stamp, with its nationality, price, and design. Perhaps it is the logistic wonder of the actual sending: how many hands will it touch, how many trucks, cars, planes, will carry it, how many days will it take? For many reasons, mail art is a social phenomenon, a past time for some which is thriving in a world where more and more communication occurs electronically.

A major subject of discussion in the mail art community has been the impact of the internet on the work. Yet many claim that the practice of mail-art was a prototype for the kind distance-independent communities that exist now online. But while the internet has changed the way we all communicate, including those in the mail art world, we can still only send physical objects to each other via “snail mail.” You can’t digitize 3D objects, nor the tactile experience of handling them. So much of our ‘media’ has gone digital that receiving and sending a physical object in the post from a ‘stranger’ emphasizes the gift economy of mail art even more, especially for a younger generation of mail artists coming of age now. No doubt it is a special feeling to receive mail art tucked between bills and advertisements; a treasure just for you.

In many ways, mail art was a precursor to the web. Both are individually empowering by enabling individuals to circumvent an established, exclusive system of media distribution. Both encourage creative populism and undercut elitism, and both led to the creation of virtual communities, whose coherence is based on shared ideas rather than simple proximity. Essentially, blogs are to newspapers what mail art is to galleries: a way to relay the ‘news’ without censorship, and mail art protests the commercialism of art.

So why bring this anti-gallery movement into a gallery? Ironically, for the non-artist, the mail art community turns out to be more exclusive and less accessible than gallery shows. This is partially due to the relative obscurity of the movement, but also because the mail art doctrine of “senders receive” effectively excludes non-participants from experiencing the phenomenon. Gallery exhibitions of mail art are a paradoxic remedy to both of these problems, as well as a way to recruit the unaware into the fold.

But this gallery show is only a brief pause in the natural mail art cycle: each piece will eventually be sent to one of the participating artists, to keep. Mail art was born outside the gallery, and ultimately belongs in the wilderness of public correspondence. But this gallery show aims to be the equivalent to stealing a mail carriers' bag and finding nothing but mail-art within. You may be baffled, you may think 'why would anyone do this?' or you may be amused. In fact, you may think these things simultaneously and that is a testament to the artistry, as opposed to the network aspects of mail art. But the network aspects of mail-art are celebrated in this brief show as every participant will receive a work in return. We thank these artists for allowing us to serve as a holding-vehicle for these works and you, the viewer, for coming to share in this world that emphasizes sharing more than most.